Emission Testing Program: In-Use Verification Program (IUVP)

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The In-Use Verification Program involves routine vehicle emissions testing to satisfy requirements imposed by the Federal Clean Air Act.

The Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board require manufacturers to test randomly selected customer vehicles at approximately one year of age and approximately four years of age, to ensure the emissions systems continue to function properly over time.

Maserati North America, Inc. contracts with Automotive Testing and Development Services (ATDS) to perform procurement services for all areas, as well as testing services in California.


Requests and inquiries:
Michigan, Colorado and
surrounding states
Letters & Scheduling:
Automotive Testing and Development Services
1350 Highland Drive Suite E Ann Arbor MI 48108
California Letters:
Automotive Testing and Development Services
1350 Highland Drive Suite E Ann Arbor MI 48108
Automotive Testing and Development Services
400 S. Etiwanda Avenue Ontario CA 91761
Maserati North America, Inc. IUVP Process:
Contact Type/Service Description
Mail Using Maserati US generated mail lists, ATDS mails letters and reply forms to vehicle owners.
Reply Forms Owners mail back their completed reply forms.
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and mileage are required.
  • ATDS contacts owner to do a telephone questionnaire to aid Maserati US in determining vehicle qualification.
  • Qualified vehicles are procured in the order of their randomized control numbers.
  • The owner should remove all valuables from their vehicle prior to procurement.
Loaner Vehicle ATDS arranges for the free loaner Maserati vehicle and exchanges vehicles with the owner at a mutually agreed upon time and place then drives the owner's vehicle to the test site.
Testing Site Locations
  • FCA US Chelsea Proving Grounds (CPG), Chelsea, Michigan
  • FCA US Chrysler Technology Center (CTC), Auburn Hills, Michigan
  • SGS Environmental Testing Center, Aurora, Colorado
  • Automotive Testing & Development Services, Inc. (ATDS), Ontario, California
On occasion, it is necessary to ship a vehicle to a different location for testing. An enclosed car hauler (with sides and top) is used to protect the vehicle while transporting.
Tailpipe Testing
  • All test vehicles undergo tailpipe emissions testing which consists of securing it on a dynamometer in a lab, and connecting an exhaust gas analyzer to the tailpipe.
  • The vehicle's tires rotate on the dynamometer rollers as the vehicle is "driven", simulating both city and highway driving.
  • Testing accumulates approximately 100 miles on the vehicle, in addition to the miles accumulated from transporting the vehicle to and from the testing facility.
Evaporative Testing
  • Some vehicles are selected for passive evaporative emissions testing (ex. tires and plastics give off small amounts of various gases, and this also checks for any fuel vapor leakage).
  • Selected vehicles are put in a sealed room for two days, while the air quality is periodically monitored.
  • Selected vehicles are tested for On-board Refueling Vapor Recovery (ORVR), using a different type of sealed room, where the air quality is continuously monitored as the fuel tank is being filled.
Parts Replacement If Maserati US would like to replace a part on your vehicle, ATDS will contact you first for your permission.
Vehicle Return ATDS washes the owner's vehicle at customer-preferred carwash, fills the fuel tank, returns it to the owner, and picks up the loaner Maserati vehicle.
Incentive Check The owner receives an incentive check after the vehicle is returned.
Term Meaning
ATDS Automotive Testing and Development Services
IUVP In-Use Verification Program
ORVR Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery
VIN Vehicle Identification Number

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